Exclusive Interview with InFiction

InFiction Interview with EDM World Magazine
Exclusive Interview With InFiction
By Denice Dal Braccio

Where did the two of you meet and when did you decide to become a duo?

Growing up in South Africa during the 90s, my friends were all DJs. This made it so I literally grew up on EDM, which was in full force garnering international acts for a rave scene that would come alive weekly in cities across the country. EDM was pulling in thousands of people and creating a culture of love and unity, something that we are only seeing in the United States today. When I first arrived in the States, the scene was very underground and something people were not interested in. I was not sure it would ever find a large audience here. I still followed it, but my passion slowly waned.

Dan and I met eight years ago when he opened a film advertising company and hired me to work for him. We connected immediately, as we had the same sensibilities when it came to editing and music. Over the years, Dan and I would discuss music and, little by little, I would introduce him to different EDM artists and music. His passion for it grew, as did mine, with the sudden explosion of EDM in the U.S.


One day, he called me up to his office and told me he wanted to play me something. It was a composition of a progressive house song with a vocal he had put together. I was just blown away. We sat together for a few days and tweaked it here and there, creating our first track.

How did you come up with your name InFiction?

Both of us originally come from a background in film, so the art of storytelling has always been an integral part of our make-up. I think, whether it is the creation of a 30 second TV spot or the composition of a new dance track, our main goal is to create some kind of emotional response within the viewer or listener. By creating the right moments and by telling the right story, our aim is to take the listener on a journey. By the end, they will hopefully take something from it, whatever that might be.

Why did you decide to make the leap from film editors/film producers to DJs/music producers?

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