Exclusive Interview with Harrison On Being A Hybrid Artist & The Benefits Of The Apple Watch


Harrison On Being A Hybrid Artist & The Benefits Of The Apple Watch

By: Denice Dal Braccio

You’ve worked with people like David Guetta, Hardwell, Dannic, Lucky Date, Steve Aoki & Thomas Gold. Which track was your favorite collaboration to produce and why?

I wrote lines in all of those tracks, so I have a bit of myself in every song. It’s a really hard question to answer because I guess I love them all, just in their own way. If I’m partying, it’s more “Sally” and “Mayday,” but if I’m in the car its, “Take me Home” or “Eternity!”


Do you have any special stories you can share with us about any of your tracks or anything with those other artists?

Well, Sally is real and only Hardwell and I know who she is…

You just recently got the Apple Watch. Have you been able to incorporate it into music production while on the go? If not, what benefits do you see it being used for as an artist?

The notifications! I never, ever miss a WhatsApp or email from any DJ or miss phone calls even if I’m in the shower (laughs)! As for lyrics and notes, I still use my iPhone, but the watch has an awesome remote control for the iPhone camera.

What skills have you taken from your rugby career to help you in the music Industry?

Rugby doesn’t help you in the music industry, but I guess it taught me how much less painful music is. Mentally, it taught me how to stay motivated and determined to win and succeed.

You are a hybrid artist because you produce, write, sing and DJ. Which did you start doing first and which is the most exciting for you to do?

First writing, then singing, then producing. But overall, I love performing the most. There’s no feeling like watching the crowd, reading what they want and feeding off each other’s adrenaline and energy; it’s unbeatable!

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