Excision’s Detox Set at Lost Lands: From The Couch.

Excision's Detox Set

Excision’s Detox Set at Lost Lands: From The Couch.

By Lexi Williams


Even though I didn’t attend Lost Lands this year, I could feel the bass all the way from Ohio. I felt the love, the warmth, and even the whiplash from headbanging.. but who’s really complaining? Lost Lands left a long-lasting impression on me, even from the couch. The Lost Lands Facebook group and Couch Lands Twitter community emerged. With the loving community, it became an unforgettable experience. But one thing that was a little bit more soul grabbing was Excision’s Detox set.

Excision’s Detox Set: A Different Side of Excision

When I tuned into the live stream, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen Excision a couple of times and each time was completely different. Each set was better than anything he’s ever done. He performed all throwback tracks and it was honestly transcending. It was a perfect mesh of old school music, riddim, and new music. He’s so legendary he even dropped the MONXX remix of Sandstorm by Darude. 

Excision’s first festival, Lost Lands, was a complete success. There were no fatalities, no drama and thankfully no drug-related transports. The visionary himself confirmed there will be another next year. I can’t wait! Can you?

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Excision’s Detox set let me


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