Enter Tranquility with Overjoy’s New ‘Breakfast’ EP


By Melissa Mallin

If you’ve ever listened to the harmonious sounds of the rainforest or sat at the beach at night, listening to the waves crash against the shore, then you know just how relaxing and soothing those sounds can be. Listening to sounds that soothe the soul can truly, bring you the utmost inner peace and I’ve just heard the most beautiful and soothing sound to hit my ears in quite sometime. Only I’m not talking about a meditation soundtrack or an audiotape of relaxing sounds; I’m talking about the lovely indie-dance trio called Overjoy, who just released their groovy and sensitive two-track Breakfast EP.

Released Friday, Dec. 4, on Australia’s Sweat It Out! Label, the Los Angeles based, tree-piece’s debut EP spellbinds listeners into a lush sonic cocoon of empyrean synth work and cinematic rhythms. Driven by the tranquil, dreamy vocals of Lex Famous and the clean, crisp organic beats and music of Métty and Hoff, Overjoy brings you two tracks of electronic goodness and hypnotic lovelorn croons. In other words, the EP entails two of the most stunning and euphoric songs that’ll take you on a journey to complete tranquility and surround you with the utmost serenity. It’s a clever combination of amazing vocals, tight beats and heartwarming lyrics that’ll have your ears begging for more and your heart replete with repose.

The first track of the EP, “Love for Breakfast” tells a modern tale of unrequited love. It starts with a melodic melody, with soothing synths before giving way to the most beautiful vocals since Ellie Goulding first came out. The upbeat tempo will have you swaying back and forth with your eyes closed, hanging on to every beautiful word.


Airport Song” on the other hand, is an ode to finding fleeing love with a stranger while waiting for a flight. This track also starts off with an upbeat progressive synth line, once again leading into calming, stunning and beautiful lyrics. The enchanting melody will make your body sway back and forth in slow motion, transporting you to a calm, serene and happy place.

Overjoy emerged from the reeds in 2013 with a clear vision and a blank canvas. Their first single, “Monstrous” received worldwide radio support from L.A. all the way to Berlin. Since then, they’ve built a devout following, harnessing a certain ability to evoke emotion throughout the speakers and sparking the memory of a place you feel as though you’ve been before, but can’t remember when. Blending cinematic vocals, jungle rhythms and lush synth work, Overjoy is pushing dance music’s potential into new territories.

If you’ve ever wondered what Triple Threat House was… then wonder no more. It’s here. Enter a tranquil world and put your mind at ease with stunning melodies and calming lyrics. And of course, be sure to check out Overjoy’s other tracks such as, “Like a Wave” and “Chase The Devil.” Support Overjoy buy buying their music available for purchase on iTunes here.

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