Dyro Discusses His Experience On Tour

Dyro Issue 6 Preview

Dyro Discusses His Experience On Tour
By: Spencer Flohr

What’s it like when you start to play a song and within a few seconds of it starting, the crowd recognizes it and starts to go crazy for it?

“It’s the recognition to all your hard work. I really like to produce music; I’m more of a producer than a DJ. I mean, I like to believe that I’m a good DJ at the moment, but I started with making music. I spent a lot of hours in the studio and to have gained so many fans because of my music. It is the best feeling ever. If they recognize it straight away, it’s recognition [for my work].”

In a previous interview, you had mentioned that Dannic was a big help with tips on mixing techniques. Can you share with us the best tip he gave you?


“I think the best tip he gave me is… let’s say you have 128 on the left and 130 on the right, and they’re both on the main BPM, if you want to raise 128 to 130 it’s 1.6% of the pitch. That’s one thing he told me that was really helpful and I still use that today. He taught me that and just some tricks of the trade, you know?”

If you could go back to when you first started producing music, what would you tell yourself?

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