Drug Testing Kits and Narcan Training in NYC

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When it comes to raving, drugs aren’t everything, but they are a part of the party for many ravers. Around the United States, an alarming amount of young people are dying due to using drugs laced with Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a powerful opiate that can kill someone with such a small dose. Fortunately, there are ways to allow the party to continue without more lives being lost to a drug overdose.

In New York, there are plenty of resources to keep everyone involved in the electronic dance music scene safe. If you’re a raver testing your drugs can save a life.

Carrying Narcan, and knowing how to use it, can prevent someone from dying due to an opiate overdose.


Click here to learn more about health and safety in the dance music community. Here are all the places in New York where you can get drug testing kits and Narcan training. If you live in another state, definitely do a quick google search to find the details for your area.

Fentanyl testing strips are the cheapest and easiest way to test your drugs for Fentanyl. These strips work on any pill or powder and you’ll get results in minutes.

DanceSafe offers 10 drug testing kits for $20, including shipping. DoseTest offers Fentanyl testing strips for only $1.

Given the prevalence of opiates in party drugs like Cocaine, these strips are a must for anyone who plans on partying in the future. Some organizations offer drug testing kits for free at Tompkins Square Park in the Lower Eastside.

drug testing, drug safety, overdose prevention, testing kits, narcan training

Image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay

Preventing an Opiate Overdose

As for Narcan training, Alliance Lower Eastside Harm Reduction Center offers training to prevent an opiate overdose.

Nowadays, a dance club in Brooklyn also offers Narcan training throughout the year as well as a free Narcan kit for free. Check out Last Night a Deejay Saved My Life for upcoming training events.

Drug testing kits and Narcan training save lives. The opiate crisis in America continues to rise, but Fentanyl testing strips and using Narcan can prevent unnecessary deaths.

Remember that the dance floor is supposed to be a safe space where everyone can come together and have fun. Drugs can be a part of that, but it’s essential to use them responsibly.

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