Dreyfus Discusses Creative Process Behind Rave Flyers & Festival Art

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Dreyfus Discusses Creative Process Behind Rave Flyers & Festival Art

By Lizzy Wieger

*This interview is older and was in our Issue 67 magazine.

Dreyfus is a psychedelic mixed-media artist who consistently works on projects for a wide range of people. From corporations like Verizon to bands like Phish, you can generally find her work in settings where the vibes are top-notch. Recently, she created the art for GRiZ’s upcoming festival, GRiZmas in July. 

Dreyfus’ art fits perfectly into the EDM scene. She uses bright colors and turns animals and plants into adorable creatures that encourage viewers to spread positivity. She makes murals and posters that perfectly depict what PLUR is all about. 


What started your passion for art? 

Art has always been a part of me. I have always been a visual type of person, and I express myself through drawing and painting.

What kind of training or schooling did you go to in order to grow yourself as an artist? 

I did not pursue college or any formal schooling after high school. I decided to teach myself new skills and build my own portfolio and business from there.

How does Boise, Idaho shape you as an artist?

Boise has really influenced my style and motivation. The creative community has always stood behind me and supported my growth and creativity. 

What does your ideal creative life look like? 

I’ve just recently been able to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist and tattooer. My ideal creative life centers around continued growth and learning in art.

What mediums do you typically work in? 

I draw, paint, cartoon, create large murals with both paint and spray paint, and I recently began tattooing my own work.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on and why? 

This year I was selected as the winner of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest. My art will be printed on 30 million Pabst beer cans starting in October. I’ve always dreamed of collaborating with iconic brands and companies on merchandise and labels.

Last year I was contacted by Phish to create a few designs for merchandise for them. I love working with bands and musicians so much, and I am a big fan of Phish!

Do you typically work with other artists or do you make art for companies as well?

I really enjoy collaborating with other artists on projects. In the past year, I have done collaborative t-shirts, prints, and stickers with artists from all over the place. I find that the collaborative process really fuels my creativity and brings new elements into my art practice. 

I work with a wide variety of companies also. I find that diversity in my clientele has been a great way for me to learn and grow as an artist.

Do you want your art to inspire action in people or inspire a certain feeling?

As a cartoonist, I hope to bring a sense of color, movement, and whimsy to my characters and scenes. I post a new piece of art every day on my Instagram, and I strive to create a sense of continuity for the viewer in my art world.

How did you get into EDM? 

My art is heavily inspired by music of all types. I have always found a rhythm and beat in EDM that seems to drive and center my creative flow.

Having constructed another world in your art, how do you think that collides with the EDM world? 

Art and music both tell a story. My art depicts living in a world full of vibrancy and joy. This is the feeling I get when I listen to EDM and I think that the two worlds exist to complement each other.

Why do you think rave flyers are an important aspect of the scene? Do you do it for marketing purposes or is it something more creative? 

I think that music festival posters are a super important aspect of advertising the event and shaping the tone for it. I really enjoy working on these projects because I see this as a type of collaboration between me and the musicians, and a chance to share my art with an entirely different community.

How have festivals, or the idea of them, inspired your work? 

For me, festivals are a way for people of all types and backgrounds to come together to relate and share their passions. I am inspired to incorporate this feeling into my artwork.

Do you plan on making art for other festivals in the future? 

I definitely hope to. I love working on merch designs and posters for music. I see my art career moving in that direction for sure.

How do you know or how did you build a relationship with GRiZ? 

I was initially reached out to by his manager to work on designs for him. I have been a HUGE fan of GRiZ’s music for a while and was really stoked to get a chance to work with him.

What programs or tools do you use to design GRiZ’s artwork?  

I work in Procreate and Illustrator to design my graphic work.

What was the most satisfying part of your project with GRiZ? Were there any challenges for you with the project? 

I was so excited to hear about the initial ideas that GRiZ came up with for each poster design that I worked on. I always have a blast interpreting someone else’s vision when working on commissions!  

Why is it important for you as an artist to build relationships with other artists? 

I feel it is so very important because it helps me gain perspective on other artists’ inspiration for their work. It is a chance for creatives to grow together and develop a sense of community.

Where do you get your ideas for the phrases on your posters? Why is it important for you to share those messages with your audience?

In my work for GRiZ, I was given ideas to work with within my style for each poster design. GRiZ gave me the initial concepts and felt that my art would mesh well with what he was trying to get across to his audience.

Where else can we see your art besides on posters?

You can see my daily art on Instagram: @dreyfus.art, see my mural work in Boise Idaho, Portland Oregon, and San Antonio Texas. You can also check out my portfolio at dreyfusart.com.

How do you want your art to resonate with people?

I hope for people to relate to my art and take away a sense of joy, playfulness, and wonder. 


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