A Dream Come True Wedding Under The Electric Sky

A Dream Come True Wedding Under The Electric Sky
By: Stacy Fawcett

My name is Stacy and my husbands name is Justin. We are huge EDM fans. We love making kandi, dressing up in unique rave attire, and going to raves and festivals; although we weren’t always quite so into the EDM scene. Before meeting we had both been to dance music shows. Justin first started going to Insomniac warehouse raves in the mid-90’s and my first rave was Nocturnal ’09 but it was years into our relationship before we went to one together. We met in October of 2009 and our first date was a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion. We’ve been practically inseparable ever since.
We would go snowboarding at Big Bear in the winter, gambling and club hopping in Las Vegas during the spring, to water parks in the summer. Maybe we were trying to find our niche but nothing seemed to be “our thing”. In April of 2013, we got engaged and started wedding planning, but agreeing on a theme or venue seemed impossible. In June of 2013, Justin’s dad was given four tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. He didn’t want to go alone and so he asked the two of us to join him, and he brought a friend of about his same age. Of course we jumped at the chance to go to EDC for free! We certainly knew a thing or two about raves so we put some outfits together, threw some glow sticks in a bag, and headed out to Vegas.
We weren’t quite sure what to expect from EDC except that it’s one of the biggest EDM festivals in the U.S. The four of us got to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the girls in tutus and the guys in neon shirts, and headed to security and ticketing. We entered the speedway making our way to the front of the stadium stands, and looked out over all of EDC. The massive stages, light shows with lasers in every color, firework displays bigger than the 4th of July, carnival rides decked out in lights, and thousands upon thousands of happy, excited ravers partying and laughing, and shuffling; that first moment just about took our breath away. The older folks (Justin’s dad and guest) wanted to sit in the stands a moment just to absorb it all and our amazement led the two of us down to the front stage to get a closer look.

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