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Festivals, Hotel & Travel Packages


Your love for music has no barriers and your willing to travel for it. There are so many amazing festivals, clubs, and events around the world but it can be stressful to plan and coordinate everything. We’ve partnered up with Unity Travel to bring you the best discount around to make your life easier next time you want the cheapest, easiest, and stress-free festival experience.


Unity Travel


Unity Travel is a festival travel agency that makes it easy for you to book your next trip in a breeze. They have packages available for festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Paradiso, Summer Set Music Festival, CRSSD, Imagine Music Festival, Bliss, Euphoria, Spring Awakening, Ever After Music Festival and more. Click here to book your next festival experience with Unity Travel and get $10 OFF when you use discount code EDMWORLD at checkout!


Benefits of booking with Unity Travel:


  1. Say goodbye to the days of having waste hours of your day having to book your festival, hotel, and travel separately.
  2. For most events, they take care of getting you the best deal on a hotel to stay at so you know you are always getting the best price. 
  3. You’ll save loads of money in processing fees and taxes because you are only making one purchase for their package vs three separate transactions.
  4. You’ll be provided with a safe shuttle for you to ride on to and from the event so you’ll never have to worry about being stuck at a festival waiting for an uber.



Click here to use our discount code EDMWORLD at checkout and save $10 OFF your order with Unity Travel .


Ear Safety


The music is so sweet to hear but your ears need some protection from the high decibel levels most clubs and festivals push the volume up to. We’ve partnered with EarPeace to bring you the best ear plugs around so your ears are always protected.




EarPeace is an earplug company that makes it easy for you to protect your ear drums. They use advanced technology to lower the high-decibel sound waves so your ears still hear the music perfectly but at a normal level. 


Click here to buy your own pair of high-quality ear plugs from EarPeace.


Fashion & Accessories


As a dedicated raver and EDM lover, you’re always looking to make a statement with your outfit. Fashion is what makes the EDM culture bright and beautiful filled with lots of aliens, rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, superheroes, Pokemon characters and more. We’ve teamed up with a variety of companies to help you express yourself at your next club, show, festival, or rave.




iEDM is a leader in EDM fashion and rave wear apparel. They’ve got a wide selection of rave tanks, crops, hoodies, light up gloves, LED masks and more. 


Click here to use our discount code EDM World at checkout and get 10% OFF your order at iEDM.


Into The AM


Into The AM makes hand made all over printed clothing including shirts, hoodies, tank tops, tees and more.


Click here to use our discount code EDMWorld at checkout to get 10% OFF your order at Into The AM.




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