Dirty Lazrs Team up with 100Tribn to Release ‘Typhoon’


Their name says it all; Dirty Lazrs are back with a brand new track that’s so dirty, you’ll need a shower just to feel clean again. The electro duo from Las Vegas recently teamed up with Vegas trap lords 100Tribn in order to co-release one of the hottest tracks yet, “Typhoon.” Starting off with warm chord progressions and a heavy, dirty bass line, the track progresses into a slow, cool trap anthem before picking up speed and dropping into a destructive hurricane of thundering bass and lightning synths.

“Typhoon brings you on a journey that’s meant to be played from start to finish,”said Chris Johnson of Dirty Lazrs. “We all sat together and were fighting over who wants to make what as each of us were hogging the computer. We were always trying to one up each other.”

“The biggest part of this song was the fighting to be honest,” added  Ronnie Paulo of 100Tribn. “We were all so eager to put ideas down and that’s where the energy in the song comes from; There’s a lot of tension and release. The song basically mimicked what we went through in the studio.”
Not only does the track fuse a combination of the groups’ sounds, but electro and trap as well. 100Tribn’s deep hip-hop roots spiral into Dirty Lazrs’ mind-blowing electro drop before spitting back out into a collaboration of heavy trap, creating a whirlwind of energy-pumping chaos.
“Just as you’re feeling the electro energy, the track drops and your thrown into a gust of filthy trap,” said Adib “Deebo” Ahmady of 100Tribn. “Just as you’ve prepared for the storm and you think your ready to start slanging out Traphouse, the storm dies down and you’re mellowed out by an electro vibe that creeps back in.”
With only a few releases under their belt, it’s clear this is just the beginning for these Vegas producers.

Las Vegas locals Ronnie Paulo, Adib Ahmady and Akeem Castro, better known as 100Tribn, are a DJ/ producer trio known for their unorthodox style that seamlessly blends Trap and Hip-hop. After releasing their bootleg to “Latch” by Disclosure, which garnered attention from multiple EDM outlets, the super group have established themselves at the forefront of the Las Vegas EDM scene. Having already risen through the ranks in such a short period of time, the trio has been steadily producing new remixes and fully original tracks and are looking to expand further as they set up a nation-wide tour, while still continuing to dominate and perform in major venues on the Las Vegas Strip.

Consisting of members Chris Johnson (23) and Nayibe “Chacho” Paredes (23), Dirty Lazrs have shown immense talent, growing potential and huge promise for their young age. Their first single, “Terbium,” was released in 2013 on Empire Audio and was supported by Nari & Milani, while being rotated on Tiesto’s Club Life for four consecutive weeks. In 2014, the pair released “Attack!” on Joy Records, which received an overwhelming amount of support from names like Nari & Milani, Quintino, Tommy TrashTony Arzadon, and Valentino Khan. Now, with their 2015 release with 100Tribn, it’s clear that Dirty Lazrs won’t be slowing down any time soon.


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