Diplo Shares His Spotify Pride Playlist

Diplo has recently shared his pride playlist to celebrate his favorite and closest LGTBQ+ artists.

The DJ took to Instagram to further explain the playlist, expressing his gratitude to the artists featured on it. Many of these artists are ones he has collaborated with in the past and others just simply inspire him.

Courtesy of Diplo/Instagram

“These artists set the table for what trends we have in the clubs today by taking risks and being loud and fearless,” he continued. “If you get a chance, do your research and learn about their scenes. Book some of them in your town and add them to your own playlists.”

The playlist run-time is about an hour and a half and is made up of 27 tracks featuring artists like SOPHIE, MikeQ, UNIIQU3, Jay R Neutron, Mykki Blanco, KANDY and many more. He tagged these artists and more in several Instagram posts. 


Dipo LGTBQ+ Pride Playlist

Courtesy of Diplo

Diplo encouraged his followers and fans to really dive into these artists’ singles and discography. He believes everyone can find something they vibe with, as these are the artists he believes sets the trends in EDM and club music by “taking risks and being loud and fearless.”

If You’ve Listened To Diplo’s Playlist Below, Tell Us What You Think Of The Tracks He Picked And Leave Us A Comment!


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