Diplo Celebrates the Eagles Superbowl Victory

This past Superbowl was most definitely one to remember. The Philadelphia Eagles had never in history won a Superbowl, and they were in for a game going against longstanding winners The Patriots.

Philadelphians have a reputation for how wild their fans are. Following the game, Philadelphians flooded the streets, lighting fires, climbing up stoplight poles, chanting “Free Meek Mill,” and so much more. This enthusiasm was no different for DJ Diplo.

Diplo attended college at Temple University, the biggest University in Philadelphia. During his time there, he picked up DJ’ing for the first time. It is no shock he has such a kinship with the city and their sports teams.

Diplo attended Superbowl LII and has a custom Eagles Jersey with his name on it.He DJ’d a set featuring several Meek Mill songs and got to hold the trophy. You can tell by the look on his face, Diplo was in his glory.


With all being said, Go Birds!!!

Were you happy with this years Superbowl Outcome? Let us know in the comments!


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