Destination Ultra Europe, the Ultimate Dream Trip For You This Summer

Destination Ultra Europe

Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia will soon have its turn to display an out of the body musical experience for you with the opening ceremony approaching in 2019. All Ultranauts (that’s you!) from around the world will be arriving for the 3-day festival on July 12-14th where it will take over the Poljud Stadium. Click here to purchase your tickets for Ultra Europe in 2019.

My Destination Ultra 2018 Experience

Ultra Destination includes a slew of events that will keep the party going all week. Last year, I arrived in Croatia early and began my festivities with the Destination ULTRA Opening Party at Giraffe Palm Beach House. After the festival, I kept my heart racing with the Brač Regatta at 585 Club, the ULTRA Beach party, and the RESISTANCE party both in Hvar, and finally, closed it out with the last RESISTANCE party in Vis. These should be similar events for this year as well. Be sure to keep a lookout for announcements.


The Ultra Europe Festival is a 3-day electronic music experience, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before. Ultra Europe Festival features a large variety of electronic music performers. There are four different stages are all located within the Poljud Stadium. They are named the Main Stage, Resistance Stage, UMF Electric Beach, and Arcadia Stage.

ULTRA WORLDWIDE’S iconic RESISTANCE concept landed in Croatia for the first time ever in 2015. The stage has one of the most visually immersive stage designs. Plus, it’s host to the world’s finest DJs. It’s highly recommended you explore the entire event. Make sure you visit each stage to get the full Ultra experience. Expanding your horizons will allow you to discover new artists and DJs. Just think, you might find your new favorite song and DJ at Ultra Europe!


Destination Ultra

2019 Lineup

phase 2 Ultra Europe Line up


In case you need more of a reason to pack up and go, check out The Yacht Week Experience. You can add on five more days of adventure to your Ultra Music Festival. Still not sure what the heck I’m talking about. Read my The Yacht Week event reviews, click for Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3

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