Darude Interview From Sandstorm to Outlaw

Darude: From Sandstorm to Outlaw & Everything In Between [Interview]

Following up on our first interview with Darude, which you can check out here,

I was excited to meet the legend himself who shaped my spark and love for trance. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him before his set at Elsewhere, Brooklyn.

Darude didn’t even have a chance to drop his bags off at the hotel so I really appreciated him taking the time to sit down with me before his show. He and his manager were both incredibly nice and humble.

I’m excited for you to get to know Darude in this raw interview.


Hear about his journey during the early days of working with Jaakko and Salovaara from JS16 to how things have changed touring the world today.

Pre-save Darude’s new track “Outlaw” now: https://ffm.to/darudeoutlaws

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