Falling in Love with Crush Dallas

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend Insomniac’s Crush Dallas. You might wonder why someone all the way from Chicago would travel this far to go to a show. Well, the main reason was for Malaa—I am obsessed—but I’m also just an avid traveler to music festivals. There’s nothing better than getting to explore a new place while you’re around for a show!

This was my first time at South Side Ballroom, and they had their act together. There were no lines for anything. We were inside the main room in less than ten minutes, just in time to see Gryffin. He came out on stage solo, surrounded by all his instruments. He ran from the keyboard, to the guitar, to the piano, back to the decks, and then to the microphone to yell while jumping up and down. He truly is a one-man show. Of course, I started crying when he closed with “Feel Good.”

Next up was Malaa, which surprised my friends who thought he was closing. The last few times we had seen Malaa and REZZ together this had been the case, but Rezz is now at the point of headlining! This goes to show how much she has blown up in the past few years.

Malaa was incredible. We ended up moving in towards the crowd to better see his visuals and laser beams. He played all of my favorites, including “Diamonds,” “Notorious,” and “Pregnant.” I had the biggest smile on my face while dancing with a bunch of fans sporting Malaa masks.


REZZ finished off the night, and the entire room was going nuts. It seemed as if the whole crowd was moving together as one with her music. She really has the most unique sound I have ever heard, and I think that’s why she is able to attract so many people. Watching the tiny outline of a girl on stage, whipping around her pony-tail, blasting head-banging beats, and controlling the entire room is so inspiring. REZZ, you are one badass chick.

Crush Dallas was my second Insomniac Event I have attended, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Even outside of the music, I was blown away by the people I was surrounded by. Everyone was over-the-top friendly. You could tell people were not only there for the show but also to be with their friends in the Dallas EDM community. It was a much different vibe than I get back home in Chicago. Southern hospitality is a real thing!

Learn more about REZZ in Issue 19 of EDM World Magazine here. Are you seeing REZZ this festival season? Swipe up and let us know where in the comments below!

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