Crush Dallas: The Perfect Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rave Bae

Come feel the love with REZZ, Malaa, GRYFFIN, and Medasin at Crush Dallas at Southside Ballroom, Saturday February 3rd!

If you aren’t familiar with REZZ, then I must ask, “Where have you been?” Rezz has quickly become one of the top female artists in the EDM scene. Her unique sound and visuals are known to mesmerize crowds and take them on a dark and creepy journey. You probably have seen pictures of her iconic LED glasses. If you haven’t experienced one of her shows yet, be prepared to be hypnotized into falling in love!

Photo Courtesy of Bryan Dellosa

Second up on this lineup is Malaa, another artist that plays covering his face. Although no one is certain who he is, it is rumored that Malaa is a rotation of the friends of the Pardon My French crew: DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer. Whoever he is (or they are), it is a fact that his dirty house beats will get you and bae so pumped up that you will want to “go rob a bank after.”

Gryffin is not just a producer but also a multi-talented instrumentalist. He will be performing a live show at Crush Dallas which is what he believes to be the best way to really connect with his audience. Be prepared to hold your loved one and wipe tears from each other’s eyes as you sway to his melody-rich house tunes.


Photo Courtesy Of Brendan Leong

Medasin is one of the youngest producers in the game right now who isn’t afraid to try new things. His sound is very hard to describe because no two Medasin songs sound alike. Some are chill and happy while others are dark and moody. He is definitely someone you will want to keep your eye on and, even better, to discover with your crush by your side.

So impress your rave bae and bring them to Crush Dallas! Tickets are running low, so be sure to grab them before it’s too late!

Get your tickets to Crush Dallas here! Will you be there? Swipe up and let us know in the comments below!

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