COM3T Releases “Metamorphosis” Music Video

COM3T - Metamorphosis

COM3T, aka Dani Thorne, is on the rise, and she is heating up! COM3T recently dropped a bone-rattling riddim track called, “Metamorphosis,” on her very own record label Filthy Fangs. The bass-heavy tune has an inspirational message, one that drives COM3T day to day.

The video, which she co-directed with her sister, Bella Thorne, takes the song’s themes of rebirth and renewal quite literally. “Working with [Bella] as the co-director gives me full confidence to let go in front of the camera, to completely perform,” she says. “Knowing she’ll catch the smallest details and find a way to make it work.”

Metamorphosis means the whole lifespan. Although, she believes that most people think it means the stage where the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This is exactly the realization she had while creating this song. She thought of herself as a caterpillar heading to being a butterfly. “It’s not just the stage in the cocoon, it’s every step from the day you’re born, including today, that leads us to tomorrow. All of those things, good and bad, made us the exact person that we are today.” To illustrate, her transformation in the music video into the butterfly is letting everything be exactly where it lives, in the past.

The lyrics are different thoughts about the process, life and industry. While this is from her perspective, what she wants people to take from it is it’s all a process. “As a human, you’re forever evolving and moving to the next step. It’s okay if you don’t know where that’s leading, but as long as you’re living authentically and stopping to see the beauty that’s all around, then you’re heading the right way.” This message is reflected under a riddim beat because COM3T loves bass music. The message is what she hopes people pick up on when they play it over and over.


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