Check Out Mark The Beast x Akylla “Covered In Roses”

Mark The Beast

Mark The Beast x Akylla “Covered In Roses” Is a Musical Revival

By Lexi Williams


Mark The Beast is one artist to watch. Signed with Circus Records, his music covers a vast variety of dubstep. He’s collaborated with artists such as Excision, Downlink, and creating beats for Prodigy, Mark is a gleam of talent and this song proves it entirely. And also being crafty with the piano and guitar, what’s there not to love about him?

If you enjoy headbanging and love heavy dubstep, he’s the artist to watch. From his remix of I’m In Love With The Devil, Moshpit and Get Low, I can go on and on. 

Covered In Roses Music Teaser

“Covered in Roses” by Mark The Beast is an integration of captivating vocals with Akylla and a melodic melody. 

The lyrics at first glance strike a nerve that leads up to a strong drum beat and high hat. The lyrics begin to pick up and talking about being ” Covered In Roses.”. It’s a beautiful sentiment to the album cover and speaks volume to his fans.



Be on the look out for new releases and definitely check out “Covered In Roses” by Mark The Beast and Akylla. Make sure to follow Mark the Beast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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