Check Out Episode Three of The Martin Garrix Show Out Now


By Melissa Mallin

Most teenagers celebrate their high school graduation at home, toasting their coming of age with grandma and a few classmates. However, Martin Garrix celebrated finishing classes in June by partying with hundreds of thousands of people, first in Warsaw, then Las Vegas (Electric Daisy Carnival) then Dover (Firefly Festival) and then back in Vegas (Hakkassan).

Such is life when you’re the fastest-rising act in EDM. In the span of one year, the 18-year-old not only completed school, but went from being a literal spectator at the world’s largest music festivals to performing on their main stages, propelled by a Top 10 hit, savvy business partnerships and a certain self-awareness that’s often lost on young stars.

After celebrating his 19th birthday on May 14, the young star released the third episode of “The Martin Garrix Show,” on YouTube.


“Thanks for all the birthday wishes, here is a little present from me back to you guys. Hope you all like it!” said Garrix.

Check out the video below and subscribe to the channel for all the latest videos on Martin Garrix!

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