Casting Call: MTV’s True Life Is Looking For Molly?

It has come to our attention that MTV is looking to do a True Life episode about either someone who is “affected” or “addicted” to Molly. We will leave our opinions out of this one for now.

If you do decide to submit your story to MTV we would love to hear from you as well! We go about things a little bit differently. We have a section in our magazine titled “PLUR Stories” which answers this question: How has dance music saved, changed, or transformed your life?

In the most recent issue of EDM World Magazine Bryan shares his inspiring story with our readers. You can check it out here.
To submit your PLUR story please visit our submission page here and choose Fan. We look forward to hearing from you or if you know someone who has an inspiring story of how dance music has saved, changed, or transformed their life please send this to them.

MTV Casting Call

Casting for True Life

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