Bounce Boat: Beyond Booze Cruise

Bounce Boat Review
Bounce Boat: Beyond Booze Cruise
Patrick Leone

It might be the best kept secret in NYC, for now. The Bounce Boat has been running on Friday nights all summer and has been attracting serious talent and some insane partying. EDM World was on board May 30th, for Subset, Infuze, and Rusko. Oh, and Kirill ( was there giving champagne facials and occasionally taking photos. On that night if you weren’t careful while walking through the VIP are, it was very possible you could bump into Mario Manningham or some of his buddies who also play for the New York Giants.

The Hornblower Infinity is a vessel worthy of such a night. The 210-foot yacht was outfitted with a serious amount of speakers and alcohol. Capacity was upwards of 1,000 but we never felt like sardines. Subset started things off with a set of straight hype tracks. As we were ready to shove off he dropped a mix of “I’m On A Boat”, by the Lonely Island and it felt like this voyage had officially started.

Infuze was next and brought some serious filth to the ship. His set was everything crunch and wobble. All that FILTHY, MASSIVE, DROPS AND KICKS that bloggers love to rave about wasn’t lost on the Bounce Boat crowd. By the time Rusko was to take the stage, everyone on the dance floor and even the cool kids in the VIP were primed to lose their shit.


Rusko is able to help you with that sort of thing. The man is pure energy. From start to finish he was ricocheting off the decks like a funky cricket hopped up on Mountain Dew and cocaine. He played never before heard tracks, he played the classics, he played “Are You Ready For This” (Y’know, from Space Jam).

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