Behind The Scene With Snails: The Shell Tour Documentary

The Shell Tour Documentary

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The man behind the revolution of Vomitquad, Snails is one of the most talked about DJ’s in dubstep. Whether you listen to his SNAILEDIT mixes or just his whimsical personality that we all love, we know and love Snails. I’ve grown to be a big fan of Snails and when I head about The Shell Tour documentary, I couldn’t be happier.

Snails and The Shell Tour Documentary

If you attended the Shell Tour, be ready to relive it. The Shell Tour stopped at 35 cities in 45 days, which is wild. Also, being able to share vomitstep with 61,929 dedicated fans, you can feel the energy in the documentary.

The documentary touched on the setup of the stage and also, how fun it is to be around Snails. The documentary does an amazing job conveying how much fun the tour was and why people love Snails. And if you’re reading this wondering why, let’s answer that for you!

When you watch the documentary, you can see that Snails has such a vibrant personality. You can tell from his interactions with his fans, peers and family he’s an amazing producer and person. From personal experience, The Shell Tour was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. From the Taco Parties to the huge Snail on the stage, it was an amazing show. The documentary made me appreciate the time and effort producers put into their shows to give us an amazing experience. You can check out the documentary below.


If you’re a Snails fans and want to learn everything that went down behind The Shell Tour and how amazing Snails is, this is the documentary to check out. To be honest, the documentary didn’t seem like 22 minutes and left me wanting to learn more about Snails and his crew. And of course, to learn more about the creator of vomitstep and how much he appreciates his fans, click here.

If you could say one thing to Snails, what would it be and why? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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