Be Brilliant and Think Good Things


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Be Brilliant and Think Good Things
By Transcender Samantha Greisiger

A transcender is someone who rises above the problems they face. They are leaders who help and inspire others to be the change they wish to see in the world. We would like to recognize Samantha as this issue’s Transcender. This is her story:

At the age of 24, you finally start to realize you are a human. You have bills to pay, doctor appointments to make, a job with responsibility, budding relationships start to bloom and all of your friends are getting married and having kids. You progressively grow more aware of life outside of school and where you’re partying over the weekend and you stop thinking you’re invincible. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to realize just how much your parents did for you that now, you must do all on your own. You might have a plan or an idea for the future involving all the beautiful milestones that come with time and experience, but what you may not be prepared for are the curveballs life often throws at you.
My curveball was thrown around this, time three years ago, when my mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Sometimes, we would lock horns when I was a teenager (as many rebellious kids do with their parents), but once I moved out and reached my 20’s, my mom quickly became my best friend. We shared secrets and stories and she helped plan my dreams. She was my biggest fan and would never end a call or say goodbye without telling me to “be brilliant and think good things.” She wanted only good things for me and it took my stubborn little behind almost 20 years to realize that. I’m happy I did though, because two short, painful months after her diagnosis… she was gone.

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