3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Bassnectar’s Reflective EP

Bassnectar has released a new full-fledged EP worth listening to for it’s melodic, delightful and heavy tones. Comprised of beautiful synths and dreamy melodies, Bassnectar has brought the heat once again. As any Bassnectar song should, it does appeal to all your senses.  And, with these three reasons, it will be hard to not buy the EP immediately.

1. It’s Dreamy

Bassnectar’s EP, imbued with delicate and smooth tunes, transports listeners into a relaxed place, a place perfect for exploration. Breathtaking and surreal, this EP is simply mesmerizing.

2. It’s Deep

With smooth moving synths and amazing transitions, the EP definitely speaks to those on an emotional level. Every song is perfect for meditating, pondering or even headbanging. Bassnectar has got you covered.

3. It’s Beautiful

The Reflective EP is an album to reflect upon. With a mix of downtempo, uptempo and dreamy synths, Bassnectar yearns to converse with his listeners.  Feel the music, reflect upon it and then reflect upon yourself. And, he does it effortlessly.


1. Bassnectar – Arps Of Revolución

2. Bassnectar & Gnar Gnar – I’m Up ft. Born I Music

3. Bassnectar – Was Will Be ft. Mimi Page

4. Bassnectar – Infrared ft. Macntaj

5. Bassnectar & G Jones – Underground

6. Bassnectar & Dorfex Bos – Horizons

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