AVAION Releases Rocking Summer Vibes with ‘She Dance’ [Interview]

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Up and coming artist AVAION has recently released his single ‘She Dance’ with Sony Music. It follows on the tail of AVAION’s last hit ‘Pieces.’ Which amassed over 5.4 million audio streams and 2.5 million views upon its release. Those numbers worthy of achieving Gold status in South Africa and placing it in world charts as well.

AVAION is a German multi-instrumentalist and composer who is quickly becoming known for his hypnotizing sound. Since he is such an amazing instrumentalist, he has been able to treat fans to live performances such as this performance, click here. If you missed it you can watch his live performance of ‘Pieces’ here. His musicianship demonstrates the ability to blur the lines between the synthesized and acoustic space.

‘She Dance’ falls in line as a summer jam that celebrates that bittersweet mood of longing yet, in its own special way, it converges to become intense and optimistic. It’s a story about feelings that once were; a time of togetherness, the aftermath, and the realization of how good everything once was.

AVAION’s ‘She Dance’ is described as combining futuristic basslines and uplifting beats which include self-played instruments and melancholic vocal rap. He has combined, this melting pot of unique ingredients to serve up deep but danceable rhythms just like his latest works.


His song draws from pop, electro, hip-hop, and especially reggae. From his years of making music, AVAION has learned how to achieve great abundance with reduced production. Through his debut single ‘Fucked Up’ in 2018, it was immediately clear that this artist was a master at his craft. “I want people to recognize me by my sound, without associating me with any specific genre.”

What made you get into electronic dance music?

My parents used to have an old CD player in their bedroom with a huge CD collection beside it. As a child, I loved to randomly put these CDs in and dream myself away.

Most of these CDs were old dance classics and I immediately fell in love with this direction. Dance and electronic gave me a feeling that other genres could not give me so I was influenced by it early on

What has been the most successful strategy in getting your music to rank on multiple top chart playlist?

I don’t really have a strategy. I do what I love, have a great team around me, and try to stay true to myself with my music.

What emotions were elicited when your song earned gold status in South Africa?

I literally cried when I got the message. It’s always been a dream of mine.

Why do you choose to tell stories with your music as you’ve done in ‘She Dance’?

All stories and emotions in my songs are stories that I myself have felt and experienced. Especially with ‘She Dance’, the message is very important to me because it’s about appreciating the good times and not mourning over them when you don’t have them anymore.

People are creatures of habit, we get used to the bad but unfortunately also to the good. If we take more time for the little things and appreciate them, then life will be more beautiful.

When creating music do you create the beat first or does the story come to you first and how does one inspire the other?

I always start with the beat and the melody first. Whether it becomes melancholic or uplifting depends on the mood I’m in on that day.

Your recent releases can be viewed as very introspective and deep, where does this inspiration derive from?

I like the deep melancholic vibe in music. I think it is more intensely absorbed by listeners because they can identify more with it through real experiences. Like in my case through a breakup and all those feelings it carries with it.

How do you produce music that has a distinct sound amongst the masses?

I try to stay true to my sound and my style by doing what I love. I try not to commit myself to one genre, but to the fact that no matter what style I produce, you can always hear my sound.

This is possible for me because I do all the steps myself. I am my own producer, songwriter, and vocalist.

What do you feel is your identifiable sound, the AVAION sound?

My identifiable sound is the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds together with a high vocal range.

What instruments do you play and what is your favorite?

I started playing the piano as a child and later switched to the organ. It got boring to play only with keys so I started learning to play the guitar and to this day I like the guitar the most because it is the one that best evokes the vibe in my sound.

What do you believe live instrumentation adds to the genre of electronic music which relies heavily on computer-generated digital sounds?

Live instruments create a unique vibe because you can express emotions better with live instruments. it’s more authentic.

Several of your music videos begin with “Off the Project,” what does that mean?

Off the project is the name of my music video team.

What’s next for AVAION?

A lot of new music and live shows as soon as COVID ends! I can’t wait to see what’s next on my journey.

Listen to AVAION’s latest release ‘She Dance’ right here and scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think!

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