Avaion Press Photo 2 by Max Schwarzhans-min

AVAION Shares His Upbringing In Germany, Inspiration Behind His Tracks, And More [Exclusive Interview]

Avaion Press Photo 2 by Max Schwarzhans-min

German multi-instrumentalist and producer AVAION has blown up the melodic house and future bass scene since his breakout as an artist in 2018. His renowned track “Pieces” has accumulated over 80 million streams on just Spotify alone. The song turned heads all across the EDM industry leading to collabs with a myriad of popular artists, such as VIZE, Nu Aspect, and more. 

The certified platinum composer has released tracks on revered labels like RCA and selected. By combining self-played instrument progressions, uplifting beats, and chilling vocals, AVAION has forged a new style of music, one that is passionate and hypnotic. Check out our exclusive interview with AVAION below.


What was it like growing up in Nürnberg and how did it influence your musical interests?

I grew up in a small city next to Nürnberg and I loved it. I had a good childhood with a lot of friends in the neighborhood. We had a big Church in the City Park there and one day my parents saw that they teach piano and organ lessons there. Soon after, I started going to piano lessons and later started playing the organ, but I was never satisfied with only playing one instrument. I wanted to create whole songs by myself so I started teaching myself to produce by watching YouTube videos.

Avaion Press Photo 3 by Max Schwarzhans-min

Your hometown has some well-known festivals such as Rock im Park, NUEJAZZ Festival, and others. Which music festivals and concerts have you attended in Germany? Which have you had the best experiences at and why?

A new festival called Garlic Land began this year and I also played it as the main act! It was such a beautiful experience. I also really love the Open Beatz Festival that is located near Nürnberg. I also played there for the last 5 years and this year at Main Stage! Nürnberg has so much potential in the music festival scene.



The lyrics in your release “Sleepless” are very emotional and powerful. What is your interpretation of the song’s purpose? What elements of your personal life can be linked to the track’s lyrics?

“Sleepless” is a very special release for me. PaulWetz, yuma., Nu Aspect and I were all in Berlin in a session together brainstorming about the theme of “Sleepless”. We were talking about our everyday life and what’s on our minds and we realized that we are all going through similar situations that kept us awake at night. So the theme of the song was born. I always try to work on personal experiences as themes in my songs and it was nice to be able to do that despite the collab.


What was your favorite part when collabing with PaulWetz, Nu Aspect, and yuma. on “Sleepless”?

The combination of the 4 of us is very exotic but still harmonious. It was exciting to combine all our special styles and make a masterpiece. I will never forget the moment when we put my vocals over the synth part. We all looked at each other and knew we had just created something great.

What does it mean to you to be able to put your music out on renowned labels such as selected. and get immediate positive feedback from your fanbase?

It’s a wonderful feeling to get so much recognition for your own art. I am infinitely grateful.


What is something you learned while producing and performing live that you carry with you every day?

In everyday life, it can quickly happen that you live too much in your thoughts and not really perceive the moment in which you are. I have noticed that on stage when I perform I always am very much in the moment and completely with me. This state and this feeling are one of the best things. It gives me the feeling of power because I am in full control of my consciousness. I try to bring this feeling into my everyday life.


Your new single ‘Keep On Dancing’ is a very distinctive song. Is there a story behind this song? What’s the narrative of the track?

It is a very personal track. I went through a very toxic breakup and I had to process it in this song. In “Keep On Dancing” the focus is on the vibe and remembering the times when just carefree dancing was everyday life and there were no other problems in the relationship. In this song, I want to reflect on the feeling that you have at the beginning of a relationship and affect the listener in its own way.

What is something you realized about yourself during your career as an artist that you never would have known?

I can work very well under pressure and excitement. I used to be afraid of it but I realized that it feels a lot better if you go ahead and overcome your fears.


What has been your favorite venue to perform at and why?

My favorite venue to perform at is without a doubt “Garlic Land“ so far. It is such a well-organized and caring festival. They treated me so well and I played in front of 8,000 people. Garlic Land was an amazing experience.


Who is someone you would really love to collab with and what about their production style appeals to you?

Definitely KAYTRANADA. I love his groove style and would like to work with him. I like his whole artist image and I think we would make some fire songs.


What is something exciting you can hint at for your fans to look forward to in the coming months?

A lot of new music. I’m working with some really cool artists and am playing a little summer tour here in Germany. A ton of cool shows and big plans too. I’m ready for it.


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