Artist To Watch: Jack Spaidz The Prince of Psytrance

jack-spades By: Gil Hayon

Las Vegas based DJ and producer Jack Spaidz  is constantly reminding us that trance isn’t dead. He’s the creator of Solitaire Radio, a series of mini-mixes where his mission is bringing back the distinct savory taste of trance and adding the flavors of hard style, hard trance, melbourne, and psytrance. Jack Spaidz is a master of mixing all of the classic elements with nods to mellow melodies and eclectic rhythm that compliment the hard-hitting psychedelic beats. He serves up fresh to the ears of psytrance lovers. His mixups and mashups are sincere in their intent to blast listeners away… and it hits so hard! Check out his SoundCloud below and be on the lookout for more releases by Jack Spaidz!

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