Andrew Bayer Releases Soul Capturing Album In My Last Life

Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer just made one of the most beautifully composed albums of the year. His third studio album titled In My Last Life will bring you on an emotional rollercoaster that will overwhelm you with eternal love and gratitude. Come on this emotional journey with us.

Growing up in Washington, DC, Bayer discovered music with prominent nightclubs seeing his inspirations play. While being inspired by a music production game via the PlayStation game “MTV’s Music Generator,” it caused him to dig deeper. As his fascination grew with a trip to Germany, that’s what introduced him to the genre we know and love; trance. As he grew up, he has been influenced around him.

With his calling to eclectic sounds, In My Last Life is one of the most beautifully composed albums in the realm of that. With recognition from legends such as Above and Beyond, Andrew Bayer has proved himself in his latest album of the immaculate practice of crafting a pure masterpiece.

Album Review: The Emotional Epiphany of Andrew Bayer’s In My Last Life

Andrew Bayer

The album in itself is a masterpiece. Taking a look at the album art, the art is in aesthetic and in musical composition. The beautiful thing about Bayer’s album is that it focuses on two main vocalists. Vocalists Ane Brun and Alison May innovatively sculpted and perfected the recent album. They are the leading vocals of the album. The album is comprised of 8 tracks dancing around love, loss, revival, and longing. To be honest, each song channels a part of Andrew Bayers journey as he has proved himself to be a true talent in the trance world.


What I love about this album is that it rings true to itself. It’s not dancefloor friendly and it takes on a form of its own. The album is bringing a new perspective on the genre. Bending sounds with 80’s inspired sounds. The music tunes into your heartstrings and you sympathize. ‘In My Last Life’ is the embodiment of art. Some tracks that are a MUST listen are “Immortal Lover,” “Hold On To You,” “Your Eyes,” “In My Past Life,” and lastly, “Tidal Wave.” The album is a must listen and you can access the full album here below.


What is your favorite song off of Andrew Bayer’s new album In My Past Life? Swipe up to comment below and let me know!

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