Afrojack & PMC Speakers Presents Global Remix Battle I Contest

Afrojack Global Remix Battle

Afrojack is on a worldwide search to find the most talented producers. Global Remix Battle I participants will have the unique opportunity to receive a personal mentorship from Afrojack via an artist development agreement. You will have your remix released on Wall Recordings. Plus, the winner gains a set of PMC Result6 studio monitors. Keep in mind, the talent search is already open and will continue through January 14, 2019.

The Who

Afrojack’s Global Remix Battle I is open to people from all over the world. The battle invites music producers and enthusiasts to showcase their skills. Afrojack and PMC Speakers have joined forces to host a global talent search to discover the most talented undiscovered producers. The global search will seek to uncover a new crop of music producers with the goal to provide you with a huge platform to become more noticed.

The Global Remix Battle Prize

Afrojack selects the winner personally. The winner is gaining the opportunity of a lifetime. Your remix will be released on Wall Recordings. Most importantly, you get to sign a contract with Wall Recordings/LDH Europe.

Afrojack is CEO of LDH Europe, part of the globally recognized LDH management company originally founded in Japan. Afrojack works closely with the winner after signing a contract. He will teach and guide the producer professionally on a global scale. The winner will follow in the steps of other successful artists mentored by Afrojack. This includes Quintino, R3hab, Fais, and MC Ambush.


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“I can’t wait to see who and what we discover from this search. This is the first time I’ve decided to look for new music producers through this remix contest. If I can help spotlight some new talent and give people a chance to start a career, that’s something I feel so blessed to do,” Afrojack said about the global search. “Plus, having awesome partners like PMC Speakers and LDH Europe only makes this so much better.”

PMC Speakers will also reward the winner with its latest award-winning PMC Result6 studio monitors. The two-way active Result6 loudspeakers are quickly becoming the monitor of choice for many professional DJs, producers, and remixers. Plus, impressive reviews praise their high resolution and detail, accurate and extended bass, and consistent tonal balance. PMC has distilled these attributes into an affordable unit with the emphasis on elegant simplicity.

The How

Click here to download the remixable parts of a track taken from Afrojack’s new Press Play EP, released in August. Entrants will remix a track to showcase their skills and style. Next, upload the newly remixed song to the website. Successfully uploaded songs will automatically be entered into the contest. Fill out your registration form and be sure to include your name, email address, photo, biography, and list any producing or DJ experience and whether you are already signed to a label/management.

Global Remix Battle I will end January 14, 2019. Afrojack judges only the entries received by that date. He announces the results soon after, so don’t procrastinate.

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