Above and Beyond Release New Track “Red Rocks”

Above and Beyond

You can never go wrong with Above and Beyond. With their unique sounds, nothing they produce can disappoint me. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see them, you need to. Their music changes lives and that’s what Red Rocks did for me. It changed my life and gave me a newfound perspective.

Above and Beyond’s New Song “Red Rocks”

Maybe we aren’t all we need. Maybe the answer is new Above and Beyond. Their music is a beautiful reminder as to why life is so precious and how to always be in the moment in the namesake of music. I was extremely happy when they finally released their song “Red Rocks.”

The emotional tribute to the song came about when they didn’t have a title to the song. When they dropped the ID, they decided to title it “Red Rocks.” It’s a beautiful tribute to the venue in Denver, CO. Red Rocks is such a beautiful place that pictures cannot even compare. I’ve heard amazing things about the venue and I hope I am fortunate enough to travel there one day.

Above and Beyond’s sound transcends throughout the whole track as their song is a collaboration of calm sounds and deep composition. The song ranges from tranquil to intense, which I personally love about the track. You can take a look below and see how amazing the song is for yourself. The song brings you on an emotional ride you don’t want to get off of.


Above and Beyond has NEVER let me down. With their song Red Rocks, I cannot stop listening to it. It is my go-to A&B song that I can’t get tired of! I can’t wait to see what other tracks they release in the near future!

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