8 Reasons to Date a Rave Girl

Why To Date a Rave Girl

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These are the top 8 reasons to date a rave girl because rave girls aren’t your average girlfriend. If you’ve been in the rave scene long enough, you’ll start to observe and notice these as well.

1. We Have Huge Hearts

Rave girls are extremely passionate. We aren’t afraid to express our love for life or our friends. Our rave family is our family and we ensure that no stranger is left behind. We take PLUR seriously in our everyday lives. Oh, and rave girls are also massively loyal.

2. We’re Fit

Rave booty is a real thing. Spending days dancing, headbanging, and walking miles on a single order of chicken fingers is not an easy task. Outside of the festival season, rest assured you can catch your favorite rave girls at the gym. We keep our body fit but also our mind strong with the best EDM the world has to offer.

3. We’re 100% Ourselves

Yes, rave girls wear wild outfits and do crazy makeup. Chances are, we’ve spent lots of time getting to know ourselves. We aren’t afraid to dress the part. Rave girls are extremely independent and free-spirited. So if we say we love you, we mean it.


Why to Date a Rave Girl

4. We’re Fun

Rave girls love to party. One reason why you should date a rave girl is that we have a tremendous amount of energy. We also know how to take care of ourselves and each other. Rave girls love meeting new people and making new friends, but we never forget the ones who come first.

5. We Work Hard

Outside of shows, rave girls take their lives seriously. Our energy is contagious. One reason to date a rave girl is because we have an extreme work ethic. We know how to hustle both in and out of the party.

6. We’re Positive

Rave girls are extremely open-minded. We value self-expression and always lead with our hearts. Rave girls are always on the lookout for ways to spread positive vibes in our everyday lives. Some may say we’re hopelessly optimistic.

7. We’re Adaptable

No shower? Okay. Out of food? Okay. It’s pouring rain? Okay. Rave girls know how to hold their own. We’re pretty hardcore.

8. We’ll Introduce You to the Best Music

You should date a rave girl because we have the best taste in music. The playlists we make for you come straight from our hearts. We aren’t afraid to go to shows alone, but if you come with us, we promise you the results will be magical.

These are just 8 reasons why you should date a rave girl. See for yourself why we’re so easy to love.


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