Elohim Showcases Elohim

Elohim is an electro-pop artist rising out of Los Angeles. She started playing music at a young age and has never stopped. Her childhood focused on being rich with love, and now Elohim’s main focus in life is love. She truly knows how priceless love is. Elohim released her self-titled debut album Elohim. The 15-track album includes the pre-release singles, “Fuck Your Money (FYM),” “Hallucinating,” “Panic Attacks,” and “The Wave.” This album is a collection of everything that is her as she is growing, creating, and learning. It is, start to finish, a ride and an experience for anyone open to it. Now, this beautifully written album is out in the universe swimming through our ears and into our minds.

She revives the expression of raw emotion through sound. Through music, she has created a family of incredible and kind people who look up to her. The raw honesty in her tracks and the way she can turn emotions and physical feelings into such precise sounds is why fans love her. I can’t choose a favorite song because I love every track on the album. It is apparent that Elohim put all of her into everything she created. Of course, it’s normal that she would be feeling “excited anxious, bursting with love anxious, almost like I want to hug you anxious, I love you anxious, you are amazing anxious, I am freaking out anxious, you mean everything to me anxious!” This debut album is as incredible as her pure heart.

Elohim is a powerful woman, musician, and an advocate for mental health. Even her artist name Elohim means love, acceptance, and confidence. It is strength in her art and in herself. It is beauty and spirituality. She is all about helping others and being there for others. Her music opens up about personal issues because she knows that people will be able to relate to it when they feel alone. Through her music, she is connecting with many beautiful souls, and Elohim’s future is looking bright. She is always surprising and creating. Her art is an evolution that she hopes to continue to share! The artist/producer is currently on the road for her headlining tour.

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