My Top June EDM Playlist

Summer is all about cruising highways with rooftops open and blasting your favorite tunes. So, when scrolling through this playlist, just place yourself in that scenario. Let’s just say the beats keep dropping.

  1. California Sun- TW3LV, Johnny Rain

This song has been on repeat for weeks, I kid you not. I cannot get over the seductive vibe by vocalist, Johnny Rain and the dramatic beat drops. As the chorus hits, all you’d want to do is hit that gas pedal. I have a mini dance party each time this song plays; I can’t help myself.

  1. Chase You Down- RUNAGROUND

The EDM fangirl inside of me is screaming once again. When coming across this song on Satellite radio, I had to add it on my Spotify playlist. Despite this being the playlist of the month, this song is easily one of my favorite songs of the year. I was at the pool this summer for a couple of hours and only had this song on repeat. This is the ideal cruising song because the beat is just too good to be true.

3. Takes My Body Higher – Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser

Alright, here comes EDM once more. The singer’s voice is so unique that it sounds so calming and soothing, yet also makes you want to dance.  The chorus is where the beat drops and that is personally my favorite part. I’m currently listening to it on repeat as I write this and I’m not ashamed to go for another round.

  1. Coming Home- Seven Lions, Mike Mains and The Branches

To be completely honest, I discovered this song ten minutes before I began to write this article. As an EDM lover, I’ve been a Seven Lions fan for the longest time. The vocalist featured on this track has such a great tone. However, as the chorus plays, it makes you want to just be on a highway in California with the wind in your hair. The beat is so catchy and drops to make the listener even more excited to listen to it once more.