How to Dress for EDC Las Vegas 2018


Every festival has a vibe, and that vibe shapes the way a person in attendance will dress. EDC Las Vegas (EDCLV) is no exception to this observation. With EDC fast approaching, it is time to begin stuffing those suitcases with stylish festival gear, glowing accessories and beautification products galore. Here’s a quick guide on how to dress for EDCLV.

Apples to Oranges

Coachella lies in the desert of California and thrives off the who’s who of the celebrity world attending. Revelers match the vibe by glamming up their Bohemian chic style. Floral prints, off-the-shoulder rompers, sundresses, and big shades are topped with a flower crown or floppy straw hat and paired with gladiator sandals.

Lolla is set in the center of the high rises in Chicago’s Grant Park. The vibe is more laid back and comfortable and less focused on dressing to impress. You’ll note jean shorts, tank tops, and tennis shoes. Though fashion-wise, Coachella and Lolla are worlds apart, they share the common denominator of not being an exclusively-EDM festival.

On the other hand, there is EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival, whose name says it all. Expect bright lights, bright colors and a theatrical boisterous show. It is held from dusk to dawn, and everyone knows the freaks come out at night! EDC is a 12-hour EDM spectacle, and those in attendance are no exclusion to the craziness. If you have only been to a general music festival, be ready to be blown away by the participation of EDC’s headliners. Pssst, in case you don’t know, WE are the headliners at EDC.

Step Right Up!

Headliners gather at the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas and unlike Coachella, they steal the show and become the who’s who. You will immediately notice everything is to the max. To generalize, you can call it raver style, but within that “raver look” are so many variations to the spectrum. Here are a few:

  • Kandi Kids: Before you arrive, make plenty of kandi to trade with your new friends. These are the plastic pony bead bracelets that are coveted and sometimes used as fashion statement pieces.
  • Spirit Beast: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Not the average sports mascot outfit, although some people’s costume is very close to it. Many people take on a spirit animal and dress the part. Animal mask, animal helmets, full body furs or fur accessories are all fair game.
  • Hallow Honey: Halloween comes early at EDC. You can definitely find people in full Halloween costumes, and they go hard and cray!


  • DJ Stans: Got a favorite DJ, especially one who is performing? Head over to their website and purchase their merch. Ain’t nothing like a stan who supports their favorite. Rock your proud purchase all the way to the rail, try to get on the camera and rep your favorite DJ.
  • Birthday Suits: EDC is full of people who push boundaries. Being naked is definitely one of the extremes. Headliners will comfortably rock barely their outfits, fishnet tops and stockings, thong bikinis, and nipple pasties. As long as the peach, eggplant and cherry stems are covered, all other skin is fair game.
  • Light Bright: Anything bright is expected. Neon colors, LEDs, and black light materials are a must. Glitter, rhinestones, and sequins are a definite. After all, it is the Electric Daisy Carnival, so shine, little star.

All Are Welcome

EDC has always subscribed to their motto that “all are welcome.” When you arrive at the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas and walk through the tunnel, you will see for yourself. There are people of all colors, shapes, and sizes and everyone feels comfortable to be who they are and dress how they like. EDC is a no-judgment zone and with no judgments, it allows for so much creativity. Get wild, get crazy or go for the usual, it does not matter under the electric sky.

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Swipe up and tell me your creative outfit plans for EDC or any of the festivals you plan to attend this year.