Heav3n Parties: A Dance Paradise for Young LA LGBTQ EDM Lovers

DJ Alice Glass Spinning at Heav3n

Not long ago, Nonbinary DJ Lulo (known by ItsLulo) had an amazing vision. The 27-year-old entrepreneur not only pioneers a growing monthly party, but also a fashion company under the name of Heav3n. Heav3n originally came as a space where creative and expressionistic people could come together and could completely express themselves without feeling judged. 

Lulo invites different DJs to spin at each party, which they refer to as Angels. Some in the past have been Alice Glass, Nikki Lipstick, and Luna Miu. Occasionally, there will also be live performances. The music spans a wide variety of genres and is all about allowing one to be themselves.

ItsLulo-Founder of Heav3n

Lulo’s long-term goal is to be able to travel the country and bring Heav3n with them, giving LGBT and oddball kids in less accepting areas a place to feel at home. It’s all about coming together and creating a shelter through dance, fashion, and music.

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