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Harder, Stronger, Faster: An Inside Look at This Years Dominator

By Ella Healy

Photo Courtesy of Studio Jet Van Dijk

For all those who love Hardcore, Dominator is a festival sure not to be missed. Each year since 2005, Dominator has invaded The Netherlands in the midst of July and is one of the largest Hardcore Festivals in the world.

Photo Courtesy of Dominator

This year, the post-apocalyptic party’s theme was the”Maze Of Martyr”. All who enter must find their way through the zombie-filled Labyrinth to find their way to the festival area. When arriving, they find themselves in the wasteland, filled with aggressive Hardcore and Gabber music, A pyrotechnic LED stage,  fire breathers, and wasteland motocross stunts. From this moment, you know you are a part of the crowd.

Photo Courtesy of Dominator

This year, Dominator sponsored by Art Of Dance and Q-Dance and was packed with over 50,000 guests. Some of the headliners featured were Angerfist, Mad Dog, Miss K8, and AniMe. Each year, Dominator takes a different theme with a unique feel, so the event is never predictable. If you’re a hardcore fan, Dominator is sure not an event to miss.

Photo Courtesy of Dominator

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